To rave or rage……that is the question
comment which one you prefer:)
lets go:)

thatgirlkarlaaa asked: Just found your page and let's just say that I'm totally obsessed!! Thank you ! ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍 it's perfect.

thanks i love bring joy to peoples lives threw my blog:)


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edmbreeze asked: yeah i reblog the shit you post, but in the end of the day i still know none of it's yours.. like the ones where rukes took the pictures and you crop it out and put your blog name on it.

good point i dont give credit to the picture of the owner but i make it so fans can enjoy the picture and quotes , but no need for hate i enjoy your blog and your gifs and i dont see you giving credit to the video owner of the gif and you dont see me giving you shit about it , all PLUR here and to your blog:)


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to the grave :)

plur-to-everyone asked: What would it take for a blog such as yours, to follow a blog such as mine? I'll love you long time ;)

nothing , love my follwers  , ill follow you :)


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edmbreeze asked: fuck yo blog

lol thanks , even though i see you re blog my pictures


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acidictits asked: Can your blog get any better? Absolutely love it❤️

im trying to make it better lol , thank you very much… your blog too :)


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keep dreaming
made by me….BIG FAN:)